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We the professionals at Apex Power Systems are empowered by the experienced team of technocrats. We proudly claim that our team has a rich experience in the field of power management. The company Apex Power Systems is mainly involved in the manufacturing of Servo Voltage Stabilizer catering to the customized needs and specifications of our esteemed customers. We manufacture servo Voltage Stabilizer from 1 KVA to 2500 KVA with specification confirming to IS 9815.

“APEX” is committed to providing a reliable and tested product to meet the national and international quality standards to attain the customer’s satisfaction. “APEX” being in business because of its Quality and Innovative product engineered by prompt after sales service, to provide a quick up time to its customers at an economical price. Our 65% of business is from Referral business.

We are manufacturers of Servo Stabilizers for Lifts, Split/Cassette/VRV Air conditioners, Critical and voltage sensitive machines, also for Complete Industries, Residences and Institutions. We are suppliers to major Multinational chains as well as Indian Groups like Indus Towers Ltd, Mirza International, Raymonds, Levis, Nike, Aviva Life Insurance, Star Bucks, Lotto, Best Seller(Jack Jones, Vero Moda), Lakshita, Uniline UPS, NetProphets etc. We are regular suppliers to these brands apart from a vast existing clientele.

"We believe in manufacturing a value for money quality product"

How can you save your costly machine from Low or High Voltage?

When it comes to surveying the family owners regarding—how many times they have suffered a huge loss on electrical things in the home because of sudden voltage fluctuation? Around 60 percent of people come up with the estimate of one in every three to six months. Hence, presenting Servo Stabilizer—Servo Stabilizer is an instrument that can save your costly machine from voltage fluctuations. How? Using Servo Stabilizer as it has:

Command over Incoming Supply Low and High Voltage-
Servo Stabilizer is mainly manufactured to eliminate the risk of high voltage causing several running machines or electronic equipment at home from getting damaged including—television, washing machines, elevators Home Automation, Air conditioners VRV Systems and others. This stabilizer can also be used in factories where numerous machines are installed. Servo Stabilizer regulates the high-Voltage to normal voltage conditions which are required for a healthy operation of any machine or equipment.
Notice Voltage description-
There is always an issue of confusion where the homeowner or member have no idea if the voltage is too low or too high until or unless they find out the root cause of damage of equipment. Servo Stabilizer comes with the facility of "voltage display" via which one can simply look at the stabilizer and see what is the input voltage status right now and what is the regulated output voltage.
Automatic voltage rectification-
Everyone isn't in a condition to run like an athlete when the voltage suddenly goes up to an alarming level in the home. Also it is quite difficult to monitor the voltage every now and then to rectify the voltage every time if it goes high or low. Servo Stabilizer comes with automatic voltage rectification system where you can put the voltage on automatic mode and leave the home whenever you want. Servo Stabilizer will take care!

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